Getting around in London

Hop on/Hop off buses: Not to be confused with the public buses run by London Transport. The Hop on Hop off buses are double-decker open-topped (you can sit downstairs if it is raining) and take you round the main tourist sights. As the name says, you can get down at any of the sites and then get on another bus (of the same company) within 24 hours. The commentary is entertaining and as a quick way to see all the sights, this option is not to be sneezed at. Costs from £20 -£26 per adult and half that for a child. Family tickets (2 adults, 2 children) at a slight discount are also available.

Duck Tours: You can’t hop on and hop off, but Duck tours are a quirkier way to see London. You go out in a brightly painted yellow bus that takes you round some of the central London sights and then – this is the magic – you go down a slip way into the River Thames, the bus turns into a boat and you get a river tour as well!

London Black Cabs: Black cabs are world-famous and the taxi drivers have to take a test called the Knowledge which takes years to prepare for and is so tough that it actually increases the size of the hippocampus in the brain. Even a short journey will cost you £5 and it’s easy to rack up bills of £20-£30 within central London, so be careful.

Public Transport: If you are going to use public transport, you need a travel card. If you start your first journey after 9:30AM on weekdays (any time on weekends), it will be a lot cheaper. You can buy a physical ticket at underground stations or buy an Oyster card which is a smart contactless card that you can top up with money and use as you go.

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